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Mae Nak ! nak tengok ! hihi :P jom jom

emy sejak 2 menjak ni , nak tengok je Mae nak ni hehe , nak pergi GSC ke , tunggu Youtube ke , or CD ? oppps hehe . Okay , now im very very obses ! haha . minat cerita seram :P , tapi kadang kala penakut nya ya amat haha , so cam mano nak tengok nanti ni ? Ahhh sapa kesah kan ? aku nak tengok suka hati lah kan hehe :)
serba sedikit tentang cerita ni
Jom baca ^^, . in english :)
improve kan english haha :P

Release Date: 26 July 2012
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English / Malay / Chinese 
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Director: Chotiphun Nithiwuchara
Cast: Bongkot Kongmalai, Chumporn Theppitak, Rangsiroj Panpeng

Synopsis: The story of Mae Nak Phrakhanong, a figure of horror and despair from one of Thailand's most enduring ghost legends, has been told through movie for decades. Now Mae Nak will appear in a very different way this time in 3D experience. Nak, a heavily pregnant woman, dies with her stillborn child while her husband, Mak, is away at war. When Mak returns, he doesn't know that his family is dead and continues to live with Nak unaware that she is actually a ghost."

The movie “Mae Nak” is adapted from one of the most enduring Ghost Legend in Thailand which has been told through a few movies for decades. Mae Nak is in love with Mak. They are married with each other. Not long after their marriage, Nak has become pregnant. However, Mak received a letter by government which is to notify him that he is selected for war in Bangkok. He has to leave his wife behind for months. Sadly, when Mak is not with Nak, Nak dies with her stillborn baby during the delivery of the baby. When Mak returns home, he is unaware that his family is dead. But due to the strange actions seen in Nak, Mak starts to notice that there’s something wrong with his family. What will happen to this ill-fated couple then?

Find out at your nearest cinema from this Thursday onwards then.

As you all know,the movie "Mae Nak" is based on the Famous Ghost Story in Thailand. So I won't comment too much on the plot. However, in my opinion, the story does feel like a Thailand version of "The Legend of White Snake" but without those fighting actions like in the Jet Li's version of "The Legend of White Snake".

The Visual Effects are not convincing and the suspense in the movie is quite predictable.
Some scenes are poorly scripted till their original effect which is to cause fear to audience has actually turned out to be silly. However, I am not sure whether the effect will be different if in 3D. 

The sequence in the movie is also quite confusing at times whereby flashbacks are intermittently chipped in in-between the scenes which can cause the audience to lose track sometimes.

However, the story itself is actually quite a sad one. And the movie is really able to deliver the story of the legendary Mae Nak to the audience in a not too horrifying but understandable way.

make me
Silent scream !!
hahha :P

Jom wacthout! :D

like this movie because :)

Adapted from one of the most famous ghost story in Thailand. :P 

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  1. sebijik cam cte nang nak. cuma tajuk n pelakon je lain -.-


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